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The Coming Storm

This is the new conceptual map of the FUTURE STATE OF PALESTINE, proposed in Donald Trump’s DEAL OF THE CENTURY, to begin on July 1. This TREATY OF PEACE — when “confirmed” by Trump — will BREAK God’s Abrahamic Covenant, and begin both the seven years of Tribulation (AKA Daniel’s 70th “week”), and the DAY OF THE LORD (AKA the Day), as spoken of throughout the entire Bible.

[NOTE: Understanding Daniel’s Prophecy of the “70th WEEK” is crucial to understanding Christian eschatology. Thus, please listen to my 30-minute Daniel 9 podcast.]

Frankly, I AM STILL STUNNED by all this...especially how quickly it all came together these past six months...and with nary a peep from anyone. But to be a witness to this — to witness the FULFILLMENT OF BIBLICAL PROPHECY — is truly amazing! (Daniel 9:27)

Did you notice how much of Israel is being torn away and given to another nation, to the Palestinians? Do you now see how ONE MAN is responsible for this, that only ONE MAN had the power in this world to cloud the eyes of Israel and the Church to this abomination...yet, still lurk within the shadows? Please keep in mind that Paul, in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, said a SIGN that the Rapture is CLOSE at the door is when ONE MAN steps forward and pulls off the DEAL OF THE CENTURY. This is it.

Just so we all understand what’s happening here — especially since so many of my RAH-RAH TRUMP buddies will read this, shrug it off as nothing, put their MAGA hat in their back pocket, then put their collective heads in the sand — ISRAEL IS GIVING PARTS OF ISRAEL BACK TO THE ARABS...and God says NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The only caveat to this DEAL? Paul in Thessalonians 2:6-9 said Trump can NOT CONFIRM this agreement, not while the Holy Spirit (and we Believers) are still on this earth. Thus, we can assume two things:

1. The imminent Rapture of the Church is days away, or...

2. Donald Trump’s DEAL OF THE CENTURY — which has already been accepted by Israel and Israel’s Arab neighbors, and is now in the “edit” stage, awaiting Trump’s approval and CONFIRMATION, before being signed into law — will be delayed...which may (or may NOT) delay the time of the Rapture.

However, it’s of paramount importance to know that both Trump and Netanyahu are well aware that ANY delays could KILL the deal (not to mention, Netanyahu is going on trial...AND, he’s afraid Trump will lose in November, thus leaving him without his greatest ally). For these reasons and more, both men are firmly ADAMANT that #thisishappening

Oh...and for anyone still thinking there could be ANOTHER deal lurking in the future, THERE ISN’T. Want to know why? Please watch:

For 4,000 years, Israel’s entire history has been characterized by disobedience, hence God’s almost continual chastisement and persecution. Yet, God in 1948 gave Israel another opportunity, to accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah God, to repent and OBEY. They didn’t. And now both Israel and the US will soon experience God’s tremendous wrath.

Heaven help them.

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