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Oh, Man of Sin…Where Art Thou?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Now that things have gone from bad to worse, we can expect to hear a steady chatter concerning the identity of the soon-to-be revealed Antichrist (AKA Beast)…right up until the moment he makes himself known. This, of course, lends credence to Paul's astonishing assertion in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, that the identification of the “Man of Sin” is one of two SIGNS — along with the “falling away” of the Church — that the Rapture of Believers (and the ensuing 7-Year Tribulation) are near at hand. So, that's where we find ourselves. Watching. Waiting. Wondering.

Speaking of this man who will one day become the "Son of Perdition", would it surprise you to know that he is the most talked-about person in the entire Bible...except for Jesus? Or that both the Old and New Testaments drop tons of clues concerning his identity?

Thing is, when it comes to this future FAUX messiah, too many Christians still carry around in their heads these ridiculous ideas of him that they formed from some bad apocalyptic novel or movie. Most of those portrayals are non-biblical and totally misleading.

But this guy, yeah, he’s out there; and if you know your Bible and you’re up to date on current events in the Middle East he’s actually not that hard to spot. In fact, given the lateness of the hour, and the sheer number of people that now seem to have noticed him, I truly believe God is taking the blinders off the Church FINALLY; maybe to give us a quick peak at him, so we can warn others before Christ Raptures us out of here, then continues with His final End Times agenda.

So, the identity of the Antichrist...need a few hints; maybe a push in the right direction? If so, here’s four MAJOR criteria that will move you to the head of your class concerning the identity of the future Man of Sin:

1. ISRAEL LOVES HIM. Right now, it’s pretty easy to see that most of the world hates Israel. What’s new, right? For that reason, there are only a handful of world leaders who have successfully gained Israel’s trust — something that takes years to accomplish — let alone someone the Rabbis are already calling their Messiah. Put him on the face of a coin? Yep. Name a town in the Golan after him? Done that, too. Wow. He must be pretty special. He is. Will he help us build our third Jewish Temple? Of course. Yes, Israel loves this man. And again…there is no one else that comes close to having his amazing relationship with Netanyahu. The Bible says Israel must trust this person so implicitly that one day soon they will be totally shocked when he turns on them, as we see mentioned in Revelation 13:7, when, “It was granted to him [the Beast] to make war with the saints [Israel] and to overcome [kill] them.”

2. THE CHURCH LOVES HIM. Revelation 17:7 shows the HARLOT (AKA what’s left of the Church after the Rapture) symbolically riding on a Beast (AKA the Antichrist), until the time he slays her. Thus, we know this world leader will initially have a close symbiotic relationship with both true and false Believers in the Church — all of whom are responsible for his initial rise to success. Later, in the Great Tribulation, as the Beast, he will turn on this group. Same as he turns on Israel.

3. HE’S THE CONSUMMATE UNDERDOG. As an outsider to politics, the Antichrist will be defined early by his ability to fight the SYSTEM, especially the NWO, the DEEP STATE, and the dying old world governmental system of the EU. (This includes both Emmanuel Macron of France and Angela Merkel of Germany, who are as Deep State as they come.) This is why the prophet Daniel refers to the future Antichrist as the “Little Horn”. He’s an underdog, a dark horse; someone who was NEVER supposed to challenge the political “powers that be”. But he did, with great success, and he will continue to supplant the Deep State. At some point, expect this person to unseat three very powerful foes (AKA horns; strong adversaries) to gain ultimate power, as Daniel relates in 7:8: “I was considering the horns, and there was another horn, A LITTLE ONE, coming up among them, before whom three of the first horns were plucked out by the roots. And there, in this horn, were eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking pompous words.”

4. HE WILL BE THE FIRST WORLD LEADER TO BROKER A PEACE DEAL BETWEEN ISRAEL AND HER ARAB NEIGHBORS. To me, it’s still amazing to hear people brush off this event as if it’s nothing...especially since Donald Trump's DEAL OF THE CENTURY is so momentous. Forget for a moment the ramifications of creating a Palestinian state on Israeli territory the DIVIDING OF THE LAND which constitutes the breaking of God's Abrahamic Covenant...which in itself is unprecedented. Since 1948, no world leader — no matter how hard they've tried — has EVER been able to broker a true peace treaty between Israel and her Arab neighbors. NEVER. That’s why Daniel said that the leader who accomplishes this amazing fete? THAT PERSON IS THE ANTICHRIST. PERIOD. This is why I circled Daniel 9:27 in my Bible over 15 years ago way before the current worldwide political storm; way before the current political players were even on the scene taking the prophet Daniel's warning to heart, when he said that “...he [Antichrist] shall confirm a covenant [peace treaty] with many [Arab nations] for one week [7 years]...” and this will begin the Tribulation. (Daniel 9:27)

This is why I continue to say over and over again the actual identity of the man who would be Antichrist has nothing to do with politics or religion; who we have personal feelings for and who we don’t. For 2,500 years we've known full well that whoever brokers this historic peace agreement between Israel and her Arab neighbors would end up as the Beast. Now, we're actually witnessing it unfold before our very eyes.

In the next few days and weeks, you’ll hear many people pontificate on the identity of the future Antichrist. Most will be wrong, simply because they’re either listening to the wrong teachers or basing their knowledge on silly non-Biblical criteria. Or they just completely "allegorize" the truth out of Biblical prophecy until it becomes totally benign. This is especially true of Covenant Church Believers who (because they’ve errantly “replaced” Israel with the Church) do not even recognize Israel’s role in the future, thus — when it comes to accurately understanding predictive Christian Eschatology — they’re off wandering in a field somewhere. Others, will in fact recognize this person, but for personal and political reasons, deny his existence. Still other Christians who lack the assurance of their Faith will understandably NOT want to know the identity of this man, since – as Paul explains in 2 Thessalonians 2:3 – it signals the Rapture is near.

Strange days? Indeed...when Christians seem to want to DELAY the coming of our Lord. Knowing the proximity of the Antichrist’s revealing to the imminent Rapture of the Church, you’d think Believers who are currently suffering under the Tribulation of this world would be more anxious to identify this guy, right? Hasten the Rapture? Even if they currently ADORE the man? Obviously not.

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