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Trump’s Deal of the Century - Q & A

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

This DEAL OF THE CENTURY business in Israel has got a lot of people spooked, and for good reason. Out of nowhere, it seems, we’ve suddenly been slammed with the unfolding of a MASSIVE Biblical prophecy that, if true, means – once Donald Trump CONFIRMS this deal – all hell is soon to break loose; possibly now, in only a matter of days.

This situation Trump has got us all into, if you know anything about it – and trust me, few do – it’s quite the quandary. With the possibility of a Doomsday scenario, a pre-emptive Rapture of the Church, and maybe even the revealing of a certain Antichrist fellow…WOW!...this whole thing has the potential to be downright terrifying, right?

Naw. God is SO in charge of all of this, it’s why he gave us a HEAD’S UP in His Prophetic Word. You gotta understand, everything happening here – from a political, social, economic, and most important, prophetic angle – is just another cog in God's infinite plan for you and me. And NEVER forget…the end game for us? AN ETERNITY IN HEAVEN! And it’s almost here.

Still, I do love a good mystery, don’t you? A real ‘Three Pipe Problem’, as Sherlock Holmes might say? Anyway, let’s see if we can take a closer look at Trump’s DOTC, and maybe we can unravel this thing a bit, and bring some comfort to everyone…myself included.

Remember, none of this is meant to cause angst. On the contrary, the Church and its Believers should be uber excited about all this, not reluctant. In fact, right about now – if you’ve done your due diligence, and over the years studied the Prophetic Word – you should be busy packing your bags, while periodically sprinting up to the rooftops, to look around and see how close we are; then shout out, at the top of your lungs…JESUS IS COMING, JESUS IS COMING, JESUS IS COMING!

Q. So, first off…why this conflict between Israel and the Palestinian people?

A. In 1948, three years after WW2, Israel was re-created as a home for the Jews, with the Palestinians receiving Jordan (at the time, known as Trans-Jordan). However, non-Jews in parts of Israel (West Bank and Gaza) refused to leave. That became a problem.

In 72 years, the conflict has worsened. Over the years, concessions have been offered, with Israel offering a separate state to the Palestinians many times, each time to be rejected. The rub? The Palestinians each time REFUSED to recognize Israel as a sovereign state. And that's a deal-killer.

Thus, for my entire life, Israel and the Palestinians have been at each other’s throats, as Israel, the Jews, and their benefactors (primarily the US) have grown tired of playing this perfunctory “game”, where in the end, they always end up throwing their collective hands in the air in disgust, then saying, ‘Phooey on you!”, before returning to a stalemate.

Q. Do the people of Israel still feel this way?

A. For the most part, no. Things have changed. The NEW reality is that most of Israel – the most ultra-modern, forward-thinking, tech-savvy, innovative nation on the face of this earth – believes its finally time to stop fighting the poor downtrodden Palestinians and create an independent State for them, on Israeli soil. Hence, Trump’s DOTC, which does just that.

In fact, a recent article I read by one such progressive Israelite echoed much of the dialogue we are hearing from other parts of society — especially here in the US — that it’s time for reparations to be given to anyone who in the past has been marginalized. Certainly, this applies to the Palestinians, who have been disregarded more than most.

In doing so, by offering an olive branch to their hated enemy, even after years of having their hand slapped away by the Palestinians, this deal makes both Israel and Trump look good in the eyes of the world, a world that too often is at odds with both Trump and Israel.

Q. When did we first hear about Trump’s DOTC?

A. Last year. 2019. The details weren’t released until 2020, although since last year, there’s been a series of leaked information, almost all of it incorrect.

Q. When did things get serious?

A. On January 20, 2020, Donald Trump finally released his highly anticipated Peace to Prosperity: A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People, a proposal by Trump to finally — after 72 years, since the rebirth of Israel in 1948 – resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Since the 1960’s — since LBJ, in fact — every POTUS has attempted and failed at achieving this peace deal. Most of us grew up with visions of Carter or Reagan or Clinton, standing in-between the two leaders of Israel and Palestine, shaking hands, agreeing to no longer kill each other. And yet, ho-hum, the end result is ALWAYS the same. Israel offers a fair deal. Palestine fails to recognize Israel. Deal fails. Every time.

And that’s what make‘s Trump’s much anticipated DOTC seem so compelling. For one, I can’t remember a time when Israel has been so friendly with her Arab neighbors. Trump, knowing this, and knowing MONEY makes for strange but usually giddy bedfellows, hinted that his DOTC will offer AMAZING incentives to the Palestinians.

And he was right. Now that they’ve seen the deal, the Arabs love it, especially how the Palestinians — for so long downtrodden — receive so many incentives, money that will help build schools and hospitals, funds they can use for health care, food, etc.

Of course, the Arab states also love how Trump's plan finally eliminates the Palestinian "problem", which was their responsibility from Day One. Thank you, Donald Trump.

Q. Why would the Palestinians take this deal when they’ve rejected all others?

A. Money, why else? Talking about the Antichrist, Revelation 18 says it best: ‘He makes the world rich and they love him for it.’

For the first time, the Palestinians have real incentives to negotiate a final settlement with Israel. Until now, the Palestinians have met Israel’s offers with terrorism and unremitting hostility. This time, they’ve been told by Egypt and the Saudis, ‘Enough is enough’, that this offer is their best deal yet. Further delay and hostility would only mean the Palestinians will get less land and less freedom.

Q. Is this DEAL of Trump’s truly a big deal or not?

A. Yes, the DOTC is a very big deal. Unfortunately, we now live in a society that seems to have little to no interest in history – even recent history – thus, the world seems to have forgotten that peace in the Middle East has ALWAYS been the Holy Grail of this world, ever since the Middle East has been in conflict with one another, since back when Moses wore short pants.

Yet, no matter that people today seem pretty blasé about Trump’s DOTC, the truth is that the signing of this covenant is and always has been the Brass Ring every POTUS has grabbed for…and never secured.

So, score a BIG win for POTUS. In fact, I predict after this, Trump will almost immediately began to see huge benefits from this DEAL, as the world begins to turn to him for similar ideas on Peace, Wealth and Security.

Also expect Trump to use this historical event as a springboard in to Europe in the near future. I can just see it…Make Europe Great Again, baby!

Q. Hey, Michael, this INDEPENDENT Palestinian State, created on Israeli soil...why didn’t you see this coming? Why didn't you Blog about it?

A. Honestly, I don’t think anyone saw it. Last year, the news I was hearing — rumors mostly but what intrigued me the most was that Trump's DOTC had contingencies in it for an independent Palestinian State, located OUTSIDE of Israel, as a way to bring PEACE and SECURITY to the region, while allowing Israel to finally live without walls. (Think of this as Netanyahu’s dream plan, what some would still like him to push for.)

But I never heard any talk about placing Palestine smack dab on Israeli soil. As I recall from leaked sources, Plan A was for an independent state, made from land contributed by the Saudis and Jordan. Then, there was Plan B to expand Palestinian Gaza into Egypt and create a new state, that way.

But creating a new Palestinian State, in the middle of Israel? No way.

Think of it...Trump's DOTC had to be veiled from Evangelical Christians, who, if they really knew what was going on here, would never have okayed this plan.

And that’s why Trump is such a genius. He knew this would never fly with many Americans, especially the Church. That’s why, for the longest time, no one knew the details of Trump’s DOTC. It was all very hush-hush; so confidential there were periodic rumors of leaks. Still, they kept the deal under wraps, so information arising from leaks was just speculation.

But then, at the end of January, the deal comes out and people go wild. Every MSM outlet, every Democratic politician, liberal Jews, spokespeople from the EU, everyone is livid over this deal. (Although, a lot of people are wondering WHY, since the DOTC is SO favorable to the Palestinians. But then, this IS a huge victory for Trump, isn’t it? So, say no more.)

But the rest of the world, outside the US? They see what I and others are beginning to see – WHAT I CERTAINLY NEVER SAW LAST YEAR – what very few people now even realize...that the man who swings this deal is KING, and Trump’s about to be that man.

And yet, most people – because they can’t admit Trump’s part in this and because they’re caught up in other things – say it’s insignificant. And that only underscores how this nation has lost the importance of history; and thus, the significance of the DOTC.

So, in January, Trump up and introduces his DEAL OF THE CENTURY, and the media and political backlash nears a fever pitch, and BOOM...another bigger news story hits the airwaves. IMPEACHMENT. And now, the public – who never really understood the significance of Trump’s DOTC to begin with – are all too willing to bolt from the DOTC, and hop on the bandwagon of something much juicier…especially amongst Democrats, who suddenly saw the impeachment as another lame opportunity to bring down the POTUS.

But then an even bigger news story hit: a PANDEMIC. Then, RACE RIOTS. And suddenly, we’re in late spring, and – low and behold – we learn, not only that Trump’s DOTC has already been approved by the Arabs – and that the Saudis and Egypt have their boot firmly on the neck of Abbas and the Palestinians, demanding they accept Trump’s deal...or else – but the independent Palestinian State we all thought would end up somewhere east or south of Israel? It's now IN THE MIDDLE of it.

Q. Why hasn’t the media covered it?

A. They did; extensively, back in January, when it first came out…for a few days. In fact, at the time, I thought, ‘This will never pass. There’s just too much negative press', and then, a few days, later…IMPEACHMENT. After that, no one paid attention to Trump and his DOTC.

Yeah, kinda ironic that Trump’s impeachment process as bad as it looked was his saving grace; literally the best thing that coulda happened to him.

Q. Is there another deal in the wings?

A. No. In the past few days, I’ve heard several people opine that there must be another deal – with no basis for their claims – but there is none. No, there is no other deal. Trump’s DOTC is it. Period.

Q. But doesn’t Benjamin Netanyahu have some demands of his own; some caveats that don’t 100% coincide with Trump’s DOTC, that seem to be clogging up the works a bit?

A. Yes, he does. Netanyahu – the other major player in this game – has his own completely different agenda/dilemma from everyone else. First, Netanyahu MUST support Trump, his biggest benefactor...even as he is also ATTEMPTING to appease his Israeli right-wingers (and no, that is not going well), who do NOT support Trump’s DOTC, and feel Bibi should find another solution for Palestine somewhere else, but not on Israeli land.

Q. But don’t these Israeli settlers lose land?

A. Yes, another sticking problem amongst the Far Right. There will be land swapping between the settlers and the Palestinians, no way around it. As they say, 'you can’t please everyone'. However, like the Palestinians, these Israeli’s, no matter how loud they scream, are very low on the priority pole.

Could this get bloody? Expect it. But in the end, like their forefathers at the Masada, they won’t win. Expect that, too.

Q. Speaking of Bibi, what if he does put up a fight?

A. It won’t happen. It can't. Netanyahu knows, if he drags his feet at all – or makes life difficult for POTUS in any way – Trump could nix the deal all together and focus all his attention on the election. If that happens, in all likelihood, Trump would just wait for Benny Gantz to replace Bibi in 2021, then the two of them would proceed with Trump’s DOTC, sans Netanyahu, who’s career at that point would be dead as a door nail. Trump knows Gantz is 100% behind the DEAL, so Trump is guaranteed a future ally in Gantz.

And Bibi knows this, full well. Which is why the general consensus is that Netanyahu will cave to Trump and the deal will go through as planned. In the end, Netanyahu can deal with fallout from a few naysayers on the right. But he can’t afford to alienate or lose POTUS as an ally.

Bibi losing his best bud, Trump? Naw. Not a chance.

Q. For Netanyahu, there must be more here than meets the eye?

A. Netanyahu realizes the Palestinian deal is one small piece of a much, much bigger pie...even as it’s the necessary initial piece. He sees the Big Picture: Trump’s vision for the Middle East; Trump's goal of partnering Israel’s TECHNOLOGY with the Arab’s money, to turn the greater Levant into an amazing destination for the entire world.

Q. Why are the Arabs so gung-ho about this? I thought they hated Israel?

A. Ancient history. Like Netanyahu, the Gulf State Arabs are in a difficult position (but for different reasons), with little room to bargain. Why? Fossil fuels are dying, and their business is oil. However, they know the world is becoming more health conscious. You’ve seen the price of oil plummeting, right? They know that’s not going to change. Thus, how do these Middle Eastern OPEC-minded countries survive in this new re-calculated world?

Enter Donald Trump, who’s as much a messiah to the Arabs as he is to Israel.

Q. I’ve heard they have big plans for the Saudi desert?

A. The upcoming development in Arab locations — and in particular, the Saudi desert, in the areas of Mecca and Medina — will make that area of the world come alive. With the Israelis assistance, they will turn Arabia into a garden, like they did in their own homeland. Just imagine; Israel and the Saudis; return to Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.

Remember, this all comes out of Trump’s incredible relationship with Israel, but more importantly, his close relationship with the Arabs all these years. They ADORE Trump. Always have. Why? He makes them rich. Business, pleasure, religion, touring, antiquities, intrigue...I’ve seen some of Trump’s plans in his proposal — some of the blueprints out in the desert, even — and it’s all very impressive; and quite aggressive.

Q. Okay, so we get it politically and economically? How about Biblically? What’s the best way of understanding this?

Biblical, it’s very important to understand and realize that the prophetic pieces involved in Trump’s DOTC seem to be coming together exactly as God said in His Word. It is history that is catching up to God, not the other way around.

We must never forget that politics and Prophecy will ALWAYS have differing agendas. As they should. But more so now, since we truly seem to be only days/weeks from the Rapture of the Church, followed closely by the start of Daniel’s 70th Week (AKA the Seven-Year Tribulation) and that will likely all take place by the fall election.

For this reason, listening to the media or the pundits on Prophetic news is useless; a complete waste of time. Today, if someone is not seeing the state of the world through a SPIRITUAL prism, they’re blind to the truth. When the smoke clears on this, God’s Word will stand alone as being 100% accurate with its prognostications.

So, the Bible, that’s our starting point. Always. Before listening to men – and certainly head and shoulders over anything I have to say – always please listen to God’s Word first.

Q. Seeing that we’re talking about Israel here, is there a religious component to all this?

A. Most people think, after the Rapture, that the Vatican will be the center of World Religion. Wrong. In God’s eyes, Jerusalem has always been the Spiritual and Religious capital of the world, and it will be again soon; and especially for those who desire to worship fake religion, it will be a smorgasbord of delights.

Just think of it...a newly-built bejeweled Jewish Temple, sitting high on the Temple Mount, surrounded by other fake houses of worship — Jerusalem will finally be the RELIGIOUS center of the entire world, as the Zionists believe that God intended...just as their godless forerunners the Pharisees thought in Christ’s day. And just like Christ’s chief nemeses, I wonder if they know what’s coming?

Q. With the dividing of Israel, and the breaking of the Abrahamic Covenant, why aren’t more evangelical Christians up in arms over this?

A. Like Israel, much of the Church is Godless and certainly Biblically illiterate. In fact, Paul said in 2 Thessalonians 2:11 that most people on earth during the End Times will be DELUDED to the truth of what’s actually happening in this world (because they have no knowledge of the Bible) and I believe the postmodern apostate “social” Church is so busy worshipping the ground that Trump walks on, they’ve been completely duped to what Trump is doing in Israel.

50-60, maybe even 10-20 years ago, the Church would have never allowed this to happen. But now, the Church is so Israel-illiterate — from the teaching of the heretical Replacement Theology — and so apostate, now they don’t even know the difference between a spiritual Jew and a Zionist. Thus, they are so completely blind to the socio, political and religious aspects of Trump’s DOTC, they are completely clueless.

Yes, it does amaze me that more Jews and Christians are not up in arms over this. Although, they are both so godless, I don’t know why.

Q. So, where do we stand on the Prophecy side of this?

A. Donald Trump’s DEAL OF THE CENTURY, which provides for the creation of a foreign nation on Israeli soil, set to begin on July 1 — when CONFIRMED by Trump — will FULFILL a prophecy given by Daniel 2,500 years ago, in Chapter 9:24-27, that accomplishes the following:

  • Breaks God’s Abrahamic Covenant by dividing the land

  • Begins final 7 years of Tribulation

  • Begins Daniel’s 70th “week” (9:26-27)

  • Begins the DAY OF THE LORD (AKA the Day)

  • Empowers (the person confirming this agreement as) the Antichrist

Trump’s DEAL OF THE CENTURY...not until we finally saw the details, could anyone know if this was truly the SAME Peace Covenant mentioned by the prophet Daniel in 9:27. Now that we see that Trump‘s DOTC is truly DIVIDING THE LAND and breaking the ABRAHAMIC COVENANT, we now know with 100% certainty THIS IS THE DEAL.

Q. If this is prophetic, why is God doing it?

A. SALVATION. Why does God do anything? ALL of this is about bringing Salvation to Israel and as many Jews as possible.

Back in 1948, when Israel became a nation again, do you think God miraculously gave Israel back to the Jews, only to have them DENY CHRIST AGAIN, then turn themselves into a modern day Sodom, after which they begin giving parts of Canaan back to the modern-day Edomites? Please don’t let me remind you that the spiritual landscape in Israel today is EXACTLY as it was in Christ’s time: ANTI-Jesus.

Q. So, what constitutes a confirmation? And who says it must be Trump that does the confirming? Couldn’t it be Jared Kushner or Pompeo or someone else?

A. Sure. It could. It’s not, but it could. Still, if you’re accusing me of saying I’m 100% sure Trump is the Antichrist, I’d probably hedge my bet a tad and say 99.9% sure. Only because, God being God, he always has the option to call an audible. You if Trump would suddenly die of a heart attack, then someone else steps in.

If you’re asking, what actually constitutes a CONFIRMATION, I’ll defer you to Strong’s Hebrew definition of CONFIRM, where you’ll see, among other things, it can mean “to prevail, to strengthen or to be strong”. For my money — if this IS the deal that turns one man into the Antichrist — I’m guessing TO CONFIRM means “to act proudly toward God”.

However, when it comes to Trump’s CONFIRMATION of this deal — and you should know the Israeli press has mentioned Trump as the one who will CONFIRM the DOTC — I’m sitting on the edge of my seat, same as you.

Still, if this IS the deal that Daniel spoke about 2,500 years ago, in Chapter 9:24-27 – and I and many others believe that it is – then Trump’s CONFIRMATION will happen, somehow, some way, we just don’t know how or when.

Q. For Israel and the Jews, what will be the end result?

A. When the smoke clears, at the end of the Great Tribulation, one-third of Israel will be saved for the first time, by recognizing Jesus Christ as their Messiah. This new saved group, the New Israel, will subsequently be the core group that Jesus uses to start His thousand-year Kingdom.

Q. So much of this feels like something from the script of the next AVENGER’S movie. Is any of this RATIONAL?

A. Rational? LOL. We’re talking Old Testament stuff here, seriously. No, really. When the Rapture takes place, and the Holy Spirit stops FILLING Believers, the world reverts back to an apocalyptic OT way of life…immediately.

Probably one of the most IRRATIONAL prophesies in the Bible is when Jesus predicted the total Destruction of the SECOND Jewish Temple, in AD70. In His Olivet Discourse, Jesus said in the future, that structure would come down, brick by brick. Do you know, for the next 40 years, the world scoffed at such a ridiculous prophecy? More proof Jesus was a fake, they said. Everyone said RATIONALLY, that’s ridiculous. The Jewish Temple was the greatest man-made structure of its time.

That is, until Titus and his Roman soldiers came into Jerusalem and lit it on fire. When they saw the gold on top melting into the crevices of the stones, they took the Temple down, brick by brick – stone by stone – EXACTLY as Christ had said in His final sermon, His Olivet Discourse, 40 years earlier. Is that RATIONAL enough for you?

How about Trump’s Deal? Does it seem rational to think that a guy, a TV celebrity only a few short years ago, is about to CONFIRM the DOTC, is about to break God’s Abrahamic Covenant, and thus begin Daniel’s 70th week of Tribulation? Does that seem rational?

Or that all Trump’s doings here will likely bring hellish judgment on the US and Israel, then later create such anger in God that – at the halfway mark of the 7-year Tribulation – He causes the Antichrist (then, the Beast) to turn on Israel? Or to believe the Gentiles will once again invade and destroy Israel, and then the Beast will subsequently persecute and kill the Jews, as we know from Revelation 12? Craziness, right?

And yet, like the destruction of the Jewish Temple – both in 70AD, and again, a few years from now, after it’s rebuilt – we know all these things WILL happen. Why? Like the Temple coming down, when Jesus and His other spokesman in the Bible prophecy of these things, they always happen.

Q. Now, the big question…Will Trump’s DOTC be finished and ready to go by July THREE days?

A. Will it happen in three days? I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine.

However, as we discussed, from Netanyahu’s perspective...TIME KILLS. so, if Trump’s DOTC is delayed, I wouldn’t expect it to be for too long.

Q. But we‘re Raptured first, right?

A. Yes. For Believers and unbelievers alike, this is still the best news one can possibly heat, that this deal – Donald Trump’s DOTC – will not happen and cannot be CONFIRMED by Trump, until Christ Raptures His Church. At least, that’s how Paul explains it in 2 Thessalonians 2:6-9.

How this DEAL works out, I can’t tell you. However, I can tell you that we the Church will NEVER see this deal CONFIRMED, never see Trump CONFIRM the DOTC.

If you’re unsaved, now take that GOOD NEWS — and your brief reprieve — and go and seek Jesus.

Q. Okay, so the Rapture takes place, then the deal is CONFIRMED. What comes next for those still on earth?

A. The final seven years of Tribulation. If Trump and Israel divide the land, and break God’s Abrahamic Covenant – which we know they eventually will do – then God’s next move is to TRIBULATE and CHASTISE and PERSECUTE Israel until they REPENT. This is the period of the Bible called the GREAT TRIBULATION, or Jacob’s Trouble, that takes place in the last half of Daniel’s 7-year Tribulation, the final 3 ½ years of sheer hell. Jesus speaks about it in His Olivet Discourse, in Matthew 24 and 25. Revelation 6-19 speaks about it. And you need to know Trump’s DOTC will be the cause of it.

Q. In conclusion, what is Trump’s end game here?

A. Europe, where else? The home of his forefathers; the next BRASS RING.

At the beginning of this blog, we talked about Trump’s DOTC being a springboard to bigger and better things. Absolutely. Trump is a Europe guy, from Germany. If the Church was the stepping-stone, and Israel the threshold, then Europe is the family room. And to think, it all begins with Trump’s DEAL OF THE CENTURY. That’s where Trump’s true journey begins, his TRUE DESTINY...what he was born for.

And that’s why we can be 100% certain that Trump will find a way to do this, to confirm the DEAL OF THE CENTURY, to successfully execute the ART OF THE DEAL...a deal every POTUS since LBJ has tried to pull off and failed. But Trump won’t fail. This is much bigger than what most think and Trump knows that.

For Donald Trump, the DEAL OF THE CENTURY is just the beginning.

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